A Planting we will go......

Much to everyone’s delight, and third time lucky, Sunday July 30th   2017 turned out fine and sunny.  Rotarians from the Rotary Club of South Bunbury plus several children and grandchildren and friends of Rotarians turned up. Kirk and Emma’s children joined in and helped out.
Over 700 plants consisting of trees, shrubs and hedges were planted out and plastic tree guards  installed around each plant. Kirk had the plants ready to be picked up by each planting team and acted as a go to man (gopher) whenever there was a problem.
Much of the site was very wet and muddy and one of the reasons for planting the site was to soak up some of this water.
The kids ( and adults)loved the mud and most would have had to be hosed down after the event.  A BBQ lunch put on by Kirk and Emma was very welcome plus some excellent cakes and other goodies brought by several Rotarians. Everyone present enjoyed the project
Don Spriggins